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About Dustin

20 Years of Experience at a High Level

Dustin Hillis has an impressive career track record spanning two decades within the same family of companies. His leadership journey culminated in a four-year tenure as the CEO of a global conglomerate, overseeing and growing 20 diverse international businesses with a workforce exceeding 2,000 individuals worldwide. As an Amazon ‘Best Selling Author,’ an international real estate investor, and a sought-after keynote speaker who has spoken across the globe, Dustin’s multifaceted influence across various industries undeniably contributed to his remarkable success, earning him accolades such as the prestigious “Top 10 CEO” by Industry Era & “Top 50 Consulting CEO’s” by the Consulting Report, among other honors.

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Diverse Global Businesses That Directly Reported to Hillis While CEO


Diverse Business Leadership

During his role as CEO, Dustin helmed numerous businesses, showcasing his versatility in leadership. From a financial advising firm with over $5.5 billion in assets under management to managing four distinct insurance companies – one as the President – (two in Eastern Europe and two in the USA), executive search, international consulting business, international coaching and training business, real estate, luxury travel, international work exchange, and various direct sales enterprises in the USA and Europe, his breadth of experience is unparalleled.


Business Leadership Excellence

As the Co-founder and President of an international consulting and coaching firm, Dustin garnered acclaim as a “Top 50 Consulting Firm CEO” by the Consulting Report. Over his 16-year tenure, the consulting business coached over 20,000 individuals worldwide, spanning diverse industries such as telecommunications, TV, technology, real estate, insurance, financial planning, and banking.


Educator and Thought Leader

Dustin’s creative prowess is evident in his role as a co-author of two books, an author of one book, and co-creator of four executive coaching curriculums. His influence extends to designing hundreds of micro-learning videos and spearheading the development of virtual certification processes for coaches. As a systems expert, he led the creation of strategic frameworks for operations, recruiting, onboarding, and sales systems that contributed to the scaling of multiple businesses globally.


From Record-Breaking Salesman to Global Leader

From breaking a 160+ year old sales record as a commissioned salesman, Dustin evolved into a bootstrap entrepreneur, building a multi eight-figure business from the ground up. His journey reached its pinnacle as he led a nine-figure global conglomerate, garnering recognition in the “40 Under 40” by the Nashville Business Journal. Now, Dustin Hillis eagerly anticipates his next adventure, driven by a passion for learning, growth, and expanding his leadership skills to empower others in achieving their goals.

"A leaders track record matters. I don’t want to follow someone into battle who has never won any wars."

- Dustin Hillis

Recognition and Notoriety

Awards and Achievements

Top 10 CEO


Recognized among Industry-Era Magazine’s prestigious “Top 10 CEOs” for his results as CEO of a large global conglomerate for 4 years.

Consulting CEO of The Year


Recognized by the Nashville Business Journal as one of the Top Consulting Firm CEO’s in Tennessee.

Top 50 Consulting CEO


Recognized by The Consulting Report.

40 under 40


Recognized as being a top 40 leader under 40 in 2019 by the Nashville Business Journal.

Amazon Best Selling Author


Recognized as ‘Best Selling Author’ by Amazon.

Current Investments

Equity Partner Companies

Hillis is currently running All Things New Ventures which has a variety of businesses where Hillis is an equity partner and helping them grow.

Hillis is the Chief Strategy Officer and partner at Tough Stump. Tough Stump is a geo spatial awareness technology company that specializes in drone technology for special operations hero’s.

Hillis is the Chief Strategy Officer and parter at Cheekee Greens & Totally Mushrooms. Totally Mushrooms sells a turnkey technology solution for growing organic culinary mushrooms through our proprietary Totally Mushrooms Mobile Farm. We not only provide the mobile mushroom farm, but also provide the tools, training, distribution and resources needed to grow mushrooms to provide a significant ROI on your small farm investment.

Hillis is the co-owner along with his wife Kyah of Houndcock Collective. Houndcock Collective is a collection of luxury properties across Nashville and Mexico. 

Hillis is the owner and photographer for Hawkeye Drone Photos. What started as a passion has now become a business. While still considered his hobby.

Hillis is Chief Strategy Officer and partner at White Flag. White Flag is a Christian apparel business that creates custom designed white flags to hopefully help start a meaningful conversation about God.

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