Time is Always Right

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Time is Always Right

You are where you’re supposed to be

Our Jeep brakes caught on fire as we were hauling it behind our RV coming down a mountain. As my wife and I doused the flames shooting out of the tires with water bottles I thought to myself “the timing of this could not be worse”. We were on a schedule to go see a friend and this distraction was going to throw my plan off course! Even worse, I had manufactured a goal of skiing 20x this season, and this was going to cause us to not achieve this important goal.

After putting the fire out and finding a random RV site to park we realized that the little town we were stuck in was known for world-class fly fishing. It also was set up in a valley between mountain ranges and located on a majestic river. We spent 5 days problem solving making phone calls and trying to figure out how to fix our Jeep brakes. While trying to figure out all of these problems something amazing happened. We found ourselves watching a new show that we had previously been “too busy” to watch called The Chosen. It is now my families favorite TV series! We took several walks into town together as a family. We cooked meals together and ate with no rushed agenda. We had great conversations. I was able to get out on the river and catch some fish! We slowed down.

Then after 5 days of slowing down we found ourselves with a clear solution for getting the Jeep situation taken care of… we found the exact same Jeep 5 hours away and were able to do a trade! The town the Jeep was in was a town we wanted to visit anyways. We met a new friend there and had a blast connecting. We also keep talking about our new favorite show and having rich conversations about God.

After all of this I had a thought. What if all of this was simply supposed to happen? What if God’s plans are better than my plans? What if God wanted for my family to watch The Chosen together, what if God wanted us to be in the other town, what if everything that is happening has a purpose bigger than my own understanding?

God’s timing is perfect. Everything happening to us is happening in the time it’s supposed to happen, the way it supposed to happen. We are the ones who are creating self imposed timelines that are conflicting with the plans that God has for us. Most of our problems and pain in life come from our self imposed goals, time frames and pressures that we manufacture.

Time management is important. We are not created to be here on earth to waste our time. We all have a purpose and maximizing our time helps achieve this purpose in its fullest. However it is important to allow God’s timing to be the great equalizer and guide. Once we have clarity on our God given purpose in life, then we can prioritize our activities to focus on working towards our purpose. When we align everything we do with God’s vision for our life magic happens - we slow down, we focus on what is important and fulfillment in the soul is experienced.

What if everything happening to you right now has a purpose? Good things and seemingly bad both are serving you in ways you have yet to understand. Trusting the will and timing of God will lead you to places you’ve never dreamed of. God’s timing is always right. God wants what is best for you. You just have to trust you are exactly where you’re supposed to be right now, and look for the goodness and opportunity God is presenting you.

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