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Dustin Hillis

Dustin Hillis Co-founder of Southwestern Consulting

Dustin Hillis is an entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of Southwestern Consulting™, a sales coaching and leadership coaching, and a business development consulting firm that helps clients in 21 countries drive sales performance through the use of time-tested principles and relevant data. Southwestern Consulting has more than 120 team members, has been featured in media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal and on Fox News, has worked with over 10,000 teams and has a client list that includes Google, Wells Fargo, DIRECTV / AT&T, Bridgestone / Firestone and Verizon Cellular Sales.

As a Sales Behavioral Specialist, Dustin has a degree in Psychology and is the author of the book Navigate: Selling The Way People Like To Buy. He is the co-creator of the sales training curriculum Top Producer’s EdgeManager’s Edge, which has been fully integrated by more than 5,000 sales professionals worldwide.

More than just a teacher of sales, Dustin is a Top-Producing practitioner.  As a rookie dealer at Southwestern Advantage, the oldest direct sales company in the US, he finished as the #1 salesperson among over 3,000 salespeople worldwide. A few years later, Dustin broke the over 160-year-old all-time sales record earning a profit of over $100,000 in a 14-week summer as a Junior in college. He is currently the #1 salesperson out of over 150,000 salespeople in the history of the company.

Specializing in the psychology of selling and sales leadership, he now speaks across North America, Asia, and Europe. A member of the National Speakers Association, Dustin has a demonstrated track record for teaching proven systems to help people break through personal belief barriers.


  • ““Dustin Hillis does a phenomenal job of taking complex behavior science and making it easy to understand and, even more importantly, implementing it for today’s sales professional. NAVIGATE is a must-read for any salesperson wanting to turn professional.”
    Ron Marks Author, Managing for Sales Results, published by John Wiley and Sons
  • “I know that the information one gets after reading NAVIGATE will empower that person to go out and give the help people need and connect with customers in a meaningful way, and sell to them the way they like to buy.”
    Tony Jeary, Author of Strategic Acceleration
  • “In my 50+ years in sales, I have attended hundreds of sales conferences and training programs and read many, many books. No one does it better than Dustin Hillis. Selling is not rocket science, nor is it about charisma. It is all about successful “Navigating” and this book provides a practical, results-oriented approach to make you a better seller.”
    Spencer Hays Founder, Tom James
  • “As the all-time record holder in sales for The Southwestern Company, as the number one first-year dealer prior to that, and as an effective manager and recruiter, Dustin Hillis is a master of execution and a true student of the game. NAVIGATE defines basic, as well as advanced, techniques developed by Southwestern Consulting™ and used by Dustin in the trenches. It is a must read for sales professionals interested in going to the next level.” 
    Henry Bedford CEO/Chairman of the Board of Southwestern/Great American, Inc.
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Dustin is the co-creator of the Top Producer’s Edge sales coaching program. Southwestern Consulting sales coaching and leadership coaching programs are at the core of what Southwestern Consulting does to get results for our clients. The Top Producer’s Edge sales performance coaching program is designed to give you the skills, knowledge, and motivation needed to take your business to the next level. The Manager’s Edge leadership coaching program equips sales managers with coaching on how to delegate non-income producing activities and manage their time, create recruiting systems, interview salespeople, hire salespeople, on-board salespeople, train salespeople and motivate salespeople.

Dustin Hillis is an Executive Level coach and works with executives from DIRECTV, Verizon-Cellular Sales, Farmers Insurance, Morgan Stanley, Keller Williams, Northwestern Mutual, Wells Fargo, Iron Tribe and hundreds of others. As a business consultant, Mr. Hillis helps his clients create a sales culture by helping them design recruiting processes, on-boarding systems, spaced repetition training programs, and management tools for their companies. His passion is helping you raise your belief of what is possible.

Dustin, I’ve personally been in Executive Level coaching (as well as my 3 sales managers) with Southwestern Consulting for 7 months and we are having our best year ever! Here are what our numbers have been over the past 4 years:
2010- $125mm
2011- $110mm
2012- $101mm
2013- $160mm (while coaching with Southwestern Consulting coaching)
The best things we’ve gotten out of our coaching program have been time management systems / delegation processes / and scheduling tools. We are more efficient and effective as a management team than ever!

Thank you!” – Executive Level Coaching Client

Dustin, you and Southwestern Consulting, my friend, are the best of the best. Not only has it helped me grow, but my team is reaping the benefits as well.  We have seen a 23% growth in our business since I started.  Both the 2-day Bootcamp and the Executive Level Coaching Program have been inspiring, motivating, life changing and instrumental in my growth both personally and professionally.

– Cory Miller, DIRECTV – DSI, Director of Sales


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Southwestern has been helping people and companies reach their goals since 1855. At Southwestern Consulting, we help companies create the sales culture they need to duplicate and scale their sales force. We are experts in the execution of the fundamentals of selling. With offices in Nashville, London, Singapore and Australia, our mission is to “Liberate Sales Potential Worldwide.”

Our clients include Google, DIRECTV, Verizon Cellular Sales, Bridgestone/Firestone and many more. After fully understanding your companies unique strengths and areas of improvement we focus on helping build and perfect the sales engine of your business.

We specialize in 3 core areas:

Southwestern Consulting is different because:

1. We are practitioners first and consultants second. We teach what we have learned from real life experience in business and present it in a way that truly engages the client.
2. We make the time to design the right program after researching the unique needs of your business. We custom design solutions to get results.
3. We not only research and consult on solutions to create a powerful sales culture, but we also specialize in partnering with you and provide a full-service offering or, if applicable, just a single part of a solution.
4. The techniques and methods taught in our courses are both achievable and successful in the real world.
5. We work with your people at all levels, as this is the only way to provide the real solution.

Who We Are

Southwestern Consulting is the professional sales training division of the oldest direct sales company in the US, The Southwestern Company. Our philosophies and principles are derived from our parent company, Southwestern, which:

• Was established in 1855.
• Currently employs nearly 20,000 active salespeople.
• Owns 14 different sales-driven companies across multiple different industries.
• Has trained over 250,000 salespeople since its inception.
• Houses the #1 Raymond James office worldwide (financial services), a 9-time Pinnacle Producer (executive search), the largest school fundraising company in the world, multiple New York Times bestselling authors (training and personal development) and two past national board members of The Direct Selling Association of America.
• Is most famous for its 160+-year-old college internship program, Southwestern Advantage, where students sell educational children’s books door-to-door and make a combined 1 million sales presentations every year.

Our division, Southwestern Consulting, is the fastest growing professional sales training company in America. We have more than 120 team members who have been in over 10,000 offices just like yours in the last 10 years. We produce large sales training conferences, provide one-on-one sales coaching and leadership coaching and deliver ongoing customized sales consulting.

The bottom line is that we love sales, the selling profession and helping salespeople grow their business!

Working with Dustin and Southwestern Consulting has been a game changer for our team here at Verizon Cellular Sales. In our first 6 months of working with Southwestern Consulting, we have increased our closing ratio 400%!

-Mark Dugger, Verizon Cellular Sales, National Sales Director of Inside Sales


. "Whether you think you can, or you think you cannot... you are right." Henry Ford


Dustin Hillis is the Co-Founder of Southwestern Consulting™, a multi-million dollar professional sales training company. He trains and coaches thousands of sales professionals across the world. He specializes in training sales teams how to execute the fundamentals and coaches sales professionals how to break through personal belief barriers to reach their maximum potential.

Dustin is the current #1 ranking sales professional in a long list of over 150,000 salespeople for the over 160-year-old Southwestern Company, recognized by the Direct Selling Association as one of the leading companies in the world for direct sales. He is the author of Navigate: Selling the Way People Like to Buy and Navigate: 2.0. He is the creator of Navigate: How to Navigate Referrals 3-disc DVD series and he is the co-author of Speaking of Success along with Stephen Covey – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Ken Blanchard – The One Minute Manager, and Jack Canfield – Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Dustin holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Psychology from the University of Tennessee. He has spent many years studying human behavior and the psychology of selling, not only in academics but with hands-on experience selling door-to-door to over 12,000 customers, as well as over 10,000 B2B presentations. His expertise in face reading, body language, and both verbal and non-verbal behavioral identifiers is unmatched. Dustin has learned to adapt to every situation and behavior style imaginable. Through his unique training and experience, this wealth of knowledge is available to you firsthand!

Navigate: Selling the Way People Like to Buy will teach you how to:
– Solidify in your mind what are the 4 buying behavior styles
– Identify someone’s buying behavior style in 7 seconds
– Modify your natural selling style to your prospects’ buying style

Regions Bank Keynote Testimonial

Additional Programs:
– Navigate: Referrals – How to ask for, expect and receive referrals from every prospect… and then sell to them!
– How to identify and leverage your Maximum Earning Potential
– The 3 Stages of Confidence – False Confidence, Conditional Confidence, and Unconditional Confidence
– Become An Unstoppable Force – Commitment, Control, and Confidence
– Steps for creating a “buying atmosphere” with your prospects
– The Art of Not Thinking – How to Avoid Analysis Paralysis
– Mastering the Psychology of the Cycle of Selling – Prospecting, Initial Contact, Questioning and Qualifying, Presentation, Closing, Answering Objections and How to Work a Referral Based Selling System

For more info: www.sellingthewaypeopleliketobuy.com

Dustin, THANK YOU for the great value you and the Southwestern Consulting Team added to our National Awards Meeting. Your keynote address was nothing short of impressive.  Your delivery and content were energetic, humorous, entertaining and highly effective.  Everyone walked away impressed, enthused and with tools to enhance their performance!

– Bob Cabrera, Regions Financial Corporation, National Sales Director


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